History of Tudela "Tag-Anito" Camotes

Tag-Anito was the original name of Tudela, which during the Spanish era renamed to Tudela by one friar named Ramon Alegria, it was the year 1892. Tudela is a city in where the friar grew until he was sent to Tudela during ’s conquest for territory and power. Tudela was only a barrio of Poro at that time for Tudela herself sits on .


In 1934, however a group of prominent residents petitioned to then Speaker of the house of representatives who was Honorable Sergio Osmeña. From that request Tudela as it is now a municipality which has Eleven (11) barangays namely:


1. Calmante

2. Northern Poblacion

3. General

4. McArthur

5. Villahermosa

6. Bag-o Secante

7. Da-an Secante

8. Southern Poblacion

9. Buenavista

10. Puertobello

11. Santander



History books teaches us that, Tag-Anito was characterized and made it to the history books on May 20, 1892 during the Spanish Regime by the Consejo de Administration through the petition letter of Pedro Solano who was the cabeza de barangay at that time and on the same year the friar Ramon Alegria who made it to Tag-Anito, changed the name to Tudela in honor of the place in Spain where he came from.


Records show that Pedro Solano served as Cabeza de Barangay and was followed by:


2. Marcel Reusora

3. Benedicto Solante

4. Victoriano Solante

5. Sotero Martinez

6. Lino Polancos

7. Ruperto Labajo

8. Fernando Polancos

9. Ponciano Estremos

10. Leon Pesquera

11. Anastacio Baring

12. Ignacio Labayan Sr.

13. Victorio Enero

14. Faustino Lanuza


And many others.


If not for the bold move by Juan Pugosa to appeal to Sergio Osmeña, Tudela would have remained a barrio until now.


Juan Pugosa was not without help from other prominent people in this lovely town, these were Eustaquio Polancos, Gervasio Zarsona, Santiago Maroda, Felix Solante, Ramon Martinez, Salvador Roxas and Eulogio Belarmino helped in the realization of a dream of the towns folk of Tudela. Thereafter Juan Pugosa was elected the as the first head of the municipality and erected the first municipal building and the first primary school building. Many followed Juan Pugosa as the municipal president. Emiliano Oyao was elected as the first Municipal Mayor in 1934.

In honor of the Immaculate Concepcion that town celebrates it’s annual fiesta every 8th of December.